Q: How do I get an appointment at Louisiana Sleep Foundation (LSF)?
A: 1. E-mail us your request and we will set up an evaluation with our clinical staff.
2. Call or fax a request and we will set up an evaluation with our clinical staff.
3. Come by our office and we will set up an evaluation with our clinical staff.

Q: Is sleep apnea really that big of a deal?
A: Yes. It has been directly linked with many life-threatening diseases such as: massive heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and excessive daytime sleepiness (motor vehicle accidents).

Q: What can you do about sleep apnea?
A: Treatment options are plentiful. The most common option for treatment is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Other options include aggressive weight loss, medication, oral appliances and surgery.

Q: What is a sleep study?
A: A sleep study, or polysomnogram, is a scientific assessment of sleep staging as related to respiration (oxygen monitoring), brain wave activity, muscle movement, and snoring.

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Q: Do I have to spend the whole night?
A: Yes. In order to record accurate and reliable data, your entire sleep cycle must be evaluated.

Q: Can anyone actually sleep in this “lab”?
A: Yes. By nature, most persons suffering with sleep disordered breathing are eternally sleepy. They fall asleep on their couch, at their desk, in waiting rooms, and sometimes even while driving. Also, our “lab” consists of private bedrooms that are as inviting of sleep as a luxury hotel suite.

Q: Does insurance cover these sleep studies?
A: Yes. Of course, coverage depends upon what type of plan you have with your insurance company, but we are willing to work with any person to cover the costs of both tests and treatment.

Q: What do I do with this CPAP machine?
A: LSF places high priority on follow-up and patient education. We have a respiratory therapist on staff to assist you with any DME needs. We offer CPAP clinic for anyone interested in knowing more about their CPAP unit or simply looking for routine maintenance or trouble-shooting of equipment. We will be there to help you with questions regarding the machines.